JournalDoc is seeking to develop strategic partnerships, beta testing sites and/or investments in the company to attain the following objectives (1) Further the development of health care applications utilizing our patented Medical Ontology and Machine Intelligence platforms (2) Write SBIR Phase I and I grant applications for joint funding (3) Secure funding for the launch of our JournalDoc web and mobile device applications (4) provide employment opportunities for medical informatics graduate students and consulting opportunities for faculty and senior executives.


JournalDoc has strategic partnerships with Securboration, a technology company utilizing Big Data and Analytics to provide collaboration and security between various entities and systems in the U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities; Nelson Information Systems, owner of 6 patents for the development and retrieval of targeted information from large complex databases, and PDI Ventures, an investment group comprised of former senior healthcare executives providing capital and networking opportunities.

We are seeking additional strategic partnerships with value-added healthcare entities or organizations to develop innovative Machine Intelligence based solutions for improving the practice of medicine.

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Beta Testing Sites

We welcome additional beta testing sites, particularly at established residency programs or healthcare institutions, as well as individual testers in clinical practice or with healthcare management responsibilities. Beta Testers will receive a complimentary one year subscription in return for providing productive feedback on our product. Please contact us for more information on becoming a Beta Tester.


We are offering 2 million in common stock to accredited investors.

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