Background and Technology


With the expanded use of electronic medical records, patient information, and the increased need for prior authorizations, there was suddenly less time to search for evidence based data to best inform everyday clinical decisions. General search engines, social media, and unvalidated web sites yielded needless information to sort through to find trustworthy data. It became clear that a new type of search tool would benefit physicians and researchers alike.

We brought together a team of medical and technology experts to develop a key word based search tool that relies upon the relevance, authenticity and dependability of peer-reviewed medical journals.  This team of experts, having recognized the expanded challenges to healthcare professionals, focused on creating a solution.

That solution became JournalDoc, a practical platform to assist with everyday clinical decision making. 

JournalDoc uses patented algorithms, medical experts, and artificial intelligence (AI) to access and retrieve relevant and trustworthy medical information from accredited and authoritative data bases. The result is reliable medical information to assist with patient care or complex clinical management decisions. 


Using patented algorithms and leading-edge AI, our search tool creates a Master Index of information on specific topics within the study of medicine. This Master Index is called an Ontology, or Thesaurus, that offers vocabulary and structure to link queries to relevant and trustworthy clinical data bases. This functional combination creates a structured and refined search.

JournalDoc filters out irrelevant results and false or inaccurate information to focus your query on evidence from reputable medical journals and clinical research databases.