When you need reliable results from peer-reviewed medical journals, and you need it quickly

...turn to JournalDoc to simplify your search.

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JournalDoc is a patented, key word based search engine and curated medical database for Healthcare Professionals that delivers an optimal number of highly relevant journal articles with direct links to the original abstract.

Results generated by the JournalDoc index algorithm represent a precise retrieval of high value journal articles based on the most current and peer reviewed published information available.

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Clinical data from a multitude of medical databases and journals is relied upon every day by Healthcare Professionals, whether for direct patient care, a source of information to support reimbursement and case management, or as a learning tool for students and residents.

Having access to a precise retrieval of high value medical information helps practitioners keep up with daily demands and provide the best evidence-based care to their patients.

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Traditionally, using broad search engines can be time consuming. JournalDoc utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) with human oversight to index information sources, delivering an enriched mix of articles with more precision and relevancy. 

JournalDoc's proprietary platform is based upon articles appearing in major medical journals over a seven-year period that are selected by specific factors, such as readership, citations, altimetric ratings and expert opinion as to significance of data.